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blocking off raplg , it is supposed to be opening soon the stand off is over. it started after 11:00 last night, police chased a man to treasure island they believed he was in a stolen car and had a gun. they say at one point he did shoot at police. on treasure island he got out of his car and threatened to kill himself police were worried he would fire that -- fire that gun again as people drove past him. they closed the ramps. that meant people were stranded. 50 people were blocked from going home stuck in the city, red cross did show up to help, they offered blankets and let them sit on a bus they didn't have shelter, nowhere to go. they will be able to get home, soon. police did have a crisis negotiating team on treasure island talking to the man trying to convince him to surrender. it did not work out.
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the man did end up killing himself around 5:00 this morning. they are still doing an investigation now but hope to open up the island soon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. let's see if that ramp-opening process is underway. it is. as a matter of fact, we are getting word eastbound ramp to treasure island is open from the bay bridge good news. westbound they hope to have open shortly. sluggish traffic upper deck of the bay bridge, but it is moving, behind the bay bridge toll, metering lights not on, typical commute headed into san francisco. other police activity jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona closed while they take that investigation underway first reports of an accident 80 west highway 4 car into the median there.
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fog out by the delta, live doppler extensive cloud cover, strong cold front tomorrow, today dry, starting out along the coast, plenty of clouds, mild in the 50s by in afternoon, mostly cloudy, upper 50s should do it, maybe a few sprinkle by the evening, upper 50s to the mid 50s and around the bay, you will see that sunshine a little from time to time this afternoon starting out with cloudy skies, low 50s by the afternoon, 60 today, after we see a few breaks we'll see more high and mid level clouds throughout the afternoon. inland, a little empty way of fog, two mile visibility around concord, we are seeing temperatures by the afternoon in the upper 50s to low 60s. all in all, cloudy out there, a little on the cool side, the last dry day for sometime. breaking news from milpitas, heavy police
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activity near a high school. this is happening near the intersection of -- jacqueline road where katie marzullo is live. are they looking for somebody? >> reporter: there's a lot i wish i could tell you, mostly i can show what is happening then i'll let you know what is being reported. here's the intersection of jacqueline road you can see the fire department in the foreground on scene there are a handful of crime scene investigators here that i been crawling all over this intersection, marking things we did see markers where shell casings would have been the milpitas police department will not confirm what crime happened here. there are reports it was shooting. i was an officer involved shooting. that officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect. what i can tell you as a fact, the chp did receive a be on
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the lookout, from the milpitas police department that they were looking for a suspect who had exchanged gunfire with police along those lines it does not seem any police officer was hit and police apparently do not know if they hit the suspect or not, again, chp confirming they are looking for a suspect who opened fire, milpitas police will not tell us what going on. there are three schools near the intersection. when they open, if this crime scene is still active, they will be in for a shock not only this is happening but as long as this intersection stays closed there is going to be a traffic issue already seen cars making a u-turn. sergeant coming to talk to us to confirm what happened. maybe we could offer our viewers some information about who they too can keep a
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lookout for. until then, we wait and keep an eye on the scene. katie marzullo, abc7 news. new this morning, antioch police investigating suspicious death of a man found in a home. police got a report before 5 yesterday afternoon inside a house on mira vista court officers phone a 52-year-old man dead -- found a 52-year-old man dead from apparent gunshot wound. oikos university holding a concert this afternoon to dedicate a memory garden. the campus was the scene of one of the worst massacres in bay area history. former student one goh is charged with killing seven and wounding three during a shooting spree last april. he was upset in part about not getting a few refund when he withdrew from the school. get has pleaded not guilty.
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traffic and weather together, next. >> live look outside now at the san mateo bridge, traffic moving back and forth without problems, the bridge deck is still dry that is going to change, meteorologist lisa argen will tell us when. we'll also check in with sue hall in the traffic center. mapping breast cancer the parts in the bay area where women are likely to be
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live doppler showing plenty of clouds, this is in advance of our next weather system. today with the high and mid level clouds temperatures will be cooler. the clouds are going to thin out for the time being, 8:00 we are looking at good conditions around the bay. this morning there is fog in novato also in livermore. with thickening high clouds today, temperatures are going to be cool, numbers around 60° in san francisco, 61 san mateo, 63 more sunshine around san jose maybe a few sprinkles along the coast. tomorrow this time, very heavy rain, wind advisory through 11:00 tomorrow morning. next system late thursday night. back to the bay bridge, [ inaudible ] eastbound open, metering lights light -- on.
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once you get past the metering lights sluggish, brake lights once you approach the tunnel, moving but slowly. things pick up on the san francisco side of the span. westbound t.i. ramp closed for the time being. 80 west highway 4 car in center divide no significant slowing. drive times, 580 up and over the altamont not bad, slow out of tracy highway 4 is jammed out of antioch towards concord there's your east shore freeway commute from carquinez bridge which is very, very foggy into the macarthur maze. new this morning, apartment rents in the bay area and across the country are expected to get more expensive in the new year. just released survey shows rents will rise nationally 4.6% next year, stronger economy and lack of new supply are driving recents higher. projected increase as bay area rentals remain higher than the
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national average in san francisco recents have gone up 7.5% this year, up 8% in san jose. new study says parts of the bay area have a higher than average rate of breast cancer the study from the california breast cancer mapping project the western half of contra costa county, northern alameda and swath of santa clara and san mateo counties have rates 10 to 20% higher than the state average. one possible reason, women in these areas are more likely to be diagnosed earlier and more likely to have private insurance. read more about the study on under see it on tv. 6:11. the new list of cities putting san francisco at the top. black friday isn't just for big boxed retailers animals. the boost gun dealers are reporting. are e-readers on your christmas list? michael finney ahead with which models come out on top.
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>> >> good morning. low clouds not as dense this morning fog out towards livermore and napa, otherwise cloudy start numbers are mainly in the 40s and 50s by the afternoon partly to mostly cloudy numbers from upper 50s at our coast could see sprinkles late in the day to lower 60s around san jose, 62 oakland, 60 san francisco overnight tonight rain develop early evening hours, dry, tomorrow looking at heavy rain in the morning and wind advisory all by 4:00 tomorrow
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morning, messing up that morning commute. 6:15. retailers aren't the only ones celebrating black friday sales, so are gun dealers. fbi says, it fielded more than 154,000 calls friday for background checks on prospective buyers. 20% increase from last year. the fbi got so many requests its call centers experienced to brief outages. gun dealers say sales have surged since president obama's reelection out of fear that there may be possibly stricter gun laws coming. if an e-reader is on your christmas list the choices can be overwhelming. michael finney and our partners at consumer reports -- >> reporter: prices on e-readers lower than ever, consumer reports tests single out the best. lots of people think --
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>> i would buy one for my sister. >> probably my aunt. >> sister. >> everybody i know many >> reporter: choosing one can be risky. barnes & noble offer two nooks, amazon has four kindles. not to mention readers from sony, and there are tablets that offer electronic books too. >> you can read e-books on a tablet, a dedicated reader is lighter, easier to hold in one hand, longer battery life and crisper type all of those will make a difference in hour after hour of reading. >> reporter: among its tests, consumer reports assesses how fast each reader can turn a page. some are really fast. others are slower. another test, looking at how easy they are to read in different lighting. the best readers have no trouble with bright light. good for reading outside. if you are going to be reading in the dark, a read we are a built-in light is a plus.
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-- >> while there are other manufacturers the choice probably boils didn't to a nook or kindle, the brands with the best combination of performance, price and features. >> reporter: at the top, $120 barnes & noble nook, simple touch with glow light, the page turns are quick and it has crisp reedable type as well as bill-in light. for much less consider the $70 kindle with special offers from -- amazon, excellent for readability. the page turns aren't as fast. consumer reports shows there is something else to factor in when deciding which reader to buy, if someone in your family already has a kindle for nook it makes sense to stick with that brand that way you can share your library and avoid paying for the same book twice. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> which is better to read with in the rain? that's coming. >> i don't think you want to
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test that yourself. >> no. but we want to talk about the rain that is coming. >> the rain is coming tomorrow, today, we still have fog, we are looking at some areas with limited visibility, live look outside the embarcadero looking good here in the 50s live doppler 7 hd right now on top of mount st. helena, not picking up rain, we could see a few raindrop along the shoreline later today, overall, we are talking about the last dry day before a lease of wet weather makers heads our way, 50 fremont now good morning half moon bay 55 for you, 53 downtown, napa 52°, the ceilings are getting close to the ground there at two miles, quarter mile in novato, concord has improved, livermore two mile visibility, san jose with cloudy skies looking good in terms of visibility. areas of dense fog wet and windy weather starting tomorrow heavy rain, gusty wind, high surf, should be out
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by early afternoon tomorrow, more strong storms into the latter half of the week and weekend that's 3. first one here bringing up subtropical moisture, wind advisory posted for the entire bay area 4:00 tomorrow morning until 11:00 in the morning. storm system number two, focusing on northern california, heavy rain for the north bay with this one coming in late thursday into friday, then this system promises to spread more rain, bay area wide saturday into sunday, here comes the rain, and wind out ahead of the front 8:00 tomorrow, very heavy rain front pushes through bay 11, 12:00, afternoon breaks in the evening commute, should be okay. sunday with that third system behind us, up to eight inches by our extreme north bay, point ray, six inches around the north bay, parts of the peninsula, four inches east bay and south bay, upper 50s,
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half moon bay, 62 in concord today, 61 napa, mostly to partly skies, 64 in salinas, look ahead, not bad today here come the vigorous system tomorrow, a break late tomorrow storm number two late thursday into friday more on and off rain over the weekend, break next week. we'll help you get through that heavy rain tomorrow morning. right now live look at san rafael tail lights headed south then disappear into the fog, the fog is starting to settle in the north san rafael area towards central san rafael, traffic still at the limit slow san mateo bridge headed westbound, brake lights up towards the highrise and towards foster city boulevard and the san mateo side of things. no problems eastbound direction. bay bridge earlier problem on treasure island with ramps closed, all open now, no problems. traffic is moving nicely towards the tunnel, a few
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brake lights before the s-curve, metering lights on traffic backed towards the macarthur maze. ahead, hazardous materials scare that forced late night evacuation of a south bay gym. first, call it an empire state of mind. the special show lighting up the new york city skyline.
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good morning. plenty of cloud cover, a couple of problems in terms of fog up towards novato, quarter mile visibility, looking good with no delays at sfo or oakland reduced visibility towards livermore. we are going to talk about more cloud cover today, overall mostly to partly cloudy this afternoon, temperatures on the cool side upper 50s to low 60s. 6:25. four california cities have earned perfect scores for their anti-discrimination efforts to protect lesbian, gay, buy sexual and transgender -- by sexual and
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transgender employees and residents. san francisco, long beach and los angeles were given per scores of 100 by the human rights campaign. the group examined cities nationwide. california cities scoring lower include vallejo, 52. concord, 64. richmond 66 and santa rosa scored 59 which is the average score for all u.s. cities. today the assassination of mayor mosconey and supervisor harvey milk will be remembered on the steps of city hall, 4:30 followed by a candlelight march, 34 years ago former supervisor white shot and killed mayor mosconey and the city's first openly gay supervisor harvey milk. white was angry mosconey had not reappointed him to be supervisor. empire state building has a new l.e.d. lighting system. the building put on is first
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light show last night the building lit up in different colors synchronized to two of alicia keys' hit songs. new yorkers were able to hear the songs on local radio stations. we are continuing to follow breaking news from milpitas. police are expected to reveal new information on a shooting investigation within in the next 10 minutes. breaking news on island. the island is open again. it was closed overnight, no one was allowed even or off the island. we'll tell you what happened and bring you the latest, coming up. here the back-up at the bay bridge, because the metering lights are on. the issue with the ramps wrapped up, ramps are open sluggish upper deck into san francisco, reports of a bart delay. that and the rest of your
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tuesday november 27th. outside it is dry not as foggy in most of the bay area as it was yesterday. but, change in the weather is coming. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze let's get the latest from meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. live doppler 7 hd quiet, you can see cloud cover here, we have fog, visibility has been reduced in novato to quarter of a mile, better conditions than we had yesterday. no airport delays, six mile visibility there the coast even with the clouds, 10 mile visible. livermore looking at two miles this morning. what you can expect along the
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shoreline today, not much in the way of sunshine, maybe a few sprinkles with mid and upper 50s throughout the day around the bay, look for clouds to thin out from time to time, numbers around 62 for afternoon high in oakland and san jose 63, inland east bay you have fog now, partly to mostly cloudy conditions, cooler afternoon with clouds thickening, numbers near 60. good morning. fog not a problem in san jose now. 87 clear shot headed northbound this is the julian off-ramp, across the street is hp pavillion that gives you an idea, traffic light, moving at the limit. first reports of bart delay, 10 minutes on richmond line in the millbrae direction due to a medical problem. all other mass transit not reporting any delays. 280 southbound near, accident on the ramp in the daly city area or south.
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be aware of that. it may be causing slow traffic in your southbound direction. 6:31. new developments in breaking news we've been following all morning. police standoff that put treasure island under lockdown is over, the suspect is dead. it started after 11 last night police chased a suspect from nob hill to treasure island. amy hollyfield joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: they've allowed us on to treasure island. now you can see where this was happening. the road out of treasure island is still blocked. look at all the police cars that are still here. they are reopening the island, but slowly this is where they were negotiating with the man and where he shot and killed himself this started last night, police were chasing the man because they believed he a gun and was in a stolen car. they say at one point, he did shoot at officers. he stopped on treasure island this is where he got out of his car and threatened to kill
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himself. police shutdown the island, afraid he would fire again and didn't want anyone driving by when he did so, they thought it would be too dangerous, no one allowed on or off. the man did shoot and kill himself after 5:00. now police are processing and trying to get the island back open. >> it is being opened up to traffic, sfpd escorting residents on and off the island, some of the lanes are blocked, we are bringing folks in a little at a time until we can make it safe. >> reporter: here are pictures of residents stuck in san francisco one of our viewers sent us these pictures of him and his roommate they had to turn to the red cross when they were told they couldn't go home if you look at this live picture, they still have one roadway closed. it is one-way in and one-way out now here on treasure island that's why they are
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escorting people. it is a slow opening until they can get the police cars out of here. they hope to have it all opened back up within the hour. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. more breaking news milpitas police about to update us on a shooting investigation near several schools near the intersection of escuela parkway and jacqueline road. that's where katie marzullo joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. bear with me the public information officer just handed out these press releases. if i can stall one more minute he will talk with us live. it was just before 2:00 this morning a milpitas police officer did stop a vehicle for traffic violation, moving vials as the officer got out of his -- violation, as the officer got out.ñ of his car the suspect got out of his car and fired at that officer. the officer returned fire and the suspect took off in his car and he is still missing.
6:34 am
the officer was not shot. he did suffer minor injuries during the incident. the officer did not require medical attention. it is not known if the suspect was shot or not. this investigation is ongoing. they are searching for a man, no description here of that suspect or the car orleans plate or anything like that. finally this -- orleans plate or anything like that finally police saying what you seeing on the intersection of escuela parkway and jacqueline near three schools, there was in fact gunfire that a suspect opened fire on a police officer and the police officer returned fire the officer not hit, not known whether or not the suspect was hit. all we know about that suspect is that person is on the loose this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:30 . sea of blue is expected at a
6:35 am
red by city high school today following the death of a student. movement underway asking students to wear blue today to honor 14-year-old leyla beban she was hit and killed while riding her bike to school 8:30 yesterday morning making a right from jefferson on to alameda, when she was hit by a pick-up truck also turning right. witnesses state was foggy and the roads were slick. police have not confirmed whether that was the cause of the accident. south bay gym will be open this morning following a hazardous materials scare that evacuated the building last night. emergency crews responded to the silver creek sports plex on embedded way around 8:00, eight to 10 people reported breathing problems, has mat team didn't find anything toxic. -- someone may have put too much eucalyptus oil on the
6:36 am
sauna rocks. 15-year-old boy due to be arraigned tomorrow from charges from a crime see that included murder of campbell man, three armed robberies and shootout that wounded a police officer. the teen was arrested at a concord apartment complex after a weeklong manhunt police say he partnered with san jose resident jonathan wilbanks, who was arrested november 16th. the pair is charged with the shooting death of rory parkpettiford during a carjacking attempt outside a convenience store. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside now this is traffic off the golden gate bridge looking good and unlike yesterday, fog not an issue, bay bridge toll slow some residual issues. meteorologist lisa argen will look at your full forecast. tomorrow this time, wonder if the rain will be there. sue checks your traffic, next. helped lead the giants to
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their first world series win in san francisco. this morning wilson's time with the team, let's say the
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good tuesday morning. east bay hills this is vollmer peak towards oakland where the visibility is better than yesterday, you can see the clouds, plenty of cloud cover today, a few peeks of sun high temperature in oakland today in the lower 60s. good morning. live shot of 80 through berkeley as you make your way past golden gate fields towards emeryville, macarthur maze lots of company, sluggish speeds, no major stalls or accidents once get into the macarthur maze you will find bay bridge back-up, metering lights on now. bart has a 10 minute delay, richmond line in the millbrae direction due to earlier medical issue. no other mass transit delays. with the police activity in
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milpitas still, avoid the area of jacqueline between north milpitas avenue and arizona avenue. 6:40. the giants will have to come to terms with closer wilson by friday or he becomes a free agent. wilson was instrumental in the giants first world series victory in 2010. he was earning 8 1/2 million dollars on his annual contract. sat out this past season when he hurt his elbow in april and had to undergo surgery the chronicle reports the giants may not be willing to pay him the kind of money that will prevent him from becoming a free agent. >> giants' victory in year's world series is worth more than 20 million dollars in bonuses. the giants get to split that with 50 team members getting a full share worth $377,000 each. that is a new record, $60,000 more than what each giant got for winning the world series
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in 2010. bay area home prices continue to climb. trading underway on wall street. the dow is flat, down 18 points. we go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange, coming up next. he's been dead or eight years. this morning the body of yasser arafat wa
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good tuesday morning. the rain is going to hold off one more day for the most part you may see sprinkles along the shoreline today, to the north a little green painted on the map, otherwise temperatures will be cooler with plenty of cloud cover
6:44 am
today, sierra nevada, 54°, winter weather advisory posted for tomorrow morning with high elevation snow, 48 inches above 7,000 feet, snow new york city, rain along the southeast, back home, not looking at any travel delays, still fog in our valleys. >> let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up. good tuesday morning to all of you in the bay area. like mom, like daughter, i supposed anna nicole smith's daughter starring in new series of guess ads what her father has to say. legendary dolly parton joining us today, don't miss a moment of the program, we are also joined by the muppets, next on "good morning america." new this morning, construction crane collapsed
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in australia sparking a fire sending workers running for their lives. it happened at a construct site at the university of technology. witnesses say the crane's arm snapped and went crashing into nearby buildings, nobody was seriously hurt. investigators believe a fuel leak sparked a fire this is the second crane from the same australian company to collapse in the past month. palestinian officials say yasser arafat's remains have been reburied, hours after being exhumed as part of a probe into his death. they began early today under the cover of huge blue sheets. officials say samples were given to experts from switzerland, france and russia. the former palestinian died of the underlying cause of his death remains a mystery. u.n. ambassador susan rice will be on capitol hill this week to meet with members of congress to discuss the benghazi attacks. one of her first meetings
6:46 am
today will be with john mccain one of her most vocal critics. she came fire for saying it was a spontaneous attack triggered by anger over an american-made anti-muslim video. since then we've learned it was coordinated by al-qaeda affiliates. lawmakers trying to avoid the fiscal cliff, automatic tax hike for all americans, unless congress and the president can compromise. biggest obstacle is a pledge of no tax increases of any kind signed by most republicans. grover norquist is behind the pledge and has convinced thousands of republicans to sign the pledge in exchange for helping them get reelected. some republicans open to breaking the pledge say they will do it by closing loopholes but say entitlement reform must be part of the discussion. do you think you are
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paying -- good morning. home prices continue to climb nationwide up 3% in september compared to a year ago. in the san francisco area it was 7 1/2% compared to a year ago. meantime, watch for your landlord to jack up rent. recents are up 4.1% this year, watch for rents to go up 4.6% next year and 4.7 the year after. zillow buying hot pads for 16 million dollars, has 19 employees will stay in san francisco, zillow says the move will help it increase the number of leads it sends to landlords. watching ebay today, shares slightly lower stock hit a nearly eight year high yesterday optimism it will benefit from the surge in online holiday shopping amazon shares continue to gain jumped
6:48 am
yesterday. over all the markets unchanged with the dow the onlyiu one slightly lower bloomberg index down just a little bit. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 6:48. >> there's going to be a lot of movement on the weather front. >> big time, heavy rain, strong wind, high surf, slated to come in this time tomorrow. this is vollmer peak, isn't in a beautiful shot on top of our east bay hills looking out over oakland and berkeley this morning. visibility is better than it was but still issues out there, live doppler could pick up a damewvw along perhaps pacifica and half moon bay. otherwise we are still anticipating a very strong cold front to head through tomorrow.
6:49 am
50 fremont, good morning half moon bay 55 everybody 53 downtown, no airport delays, 52 in santa rosa, i talked about visibility issues, novato quarter mile, six miles at sfo, napa and livermore about two miles with all the cloud cover, the bases are higher, a little wind providing mixing helping this morning. wet and wind start to the day tomorrow. then the system moves quickly to the east of us by noon, 1:00, we get a break until late thursday night, after the thursday evening commute, then a third system over the weekend, first and second system spread out, we should be fine in terms of localized flooding perhaps the drains will be a little clogged, you can help to clean out your gutters, winds will be an issue tying down loose objects with this system, gusty winds, brief shot of heavy rain
6:50 am
system focuses on extreme north bay, heavier rain in the north bay, late thursday into friday, making your friday morning a bit of a mess this system, timing not quite into play yet over the weekend. here's the storm tomorrow, very gusty winds by 8:00, , brunt of the rain and wind then out of here, -- by noontime, bey of i break we'll need it -- a bit of a break, we'll need it into thursday. this is the rainfall total through sunday, up to six inches around parts of the central bay, four inches peninsula, temperatures today with the cloud cover and basically dry, 62 oakland, 63 san jose, monterey bay a little more sun, more warmth from 64 salinas, dry today, rain tomorrow, break late tomorrow into early thursday then heavy rain thursday, friday, on and off over the weekend. a little foggy on the san mateo bridge, good morning, sue hall live in the traffic
6:51 am
center. as you make the turn towards the highrise westbound, disappear into the fog there no real problems from hayward towards san mateo still a 13 to 14 minute drive, typical. bart delay richmond line millbrae direction due to medical problems, 10 minute delay now no other mass transit issues. accident on-ramp to southbound 280 blocking a lane, slow as you make your way to southbound 280 towards daly city leaving san francisco towards the peninsula. southbound 880 before stevenson in the fremont area accident in the center divide slow as you make your way through newark and on towards the sunol area. other traffic bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic backing towards the macarthur maze. sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco. if you want to buy a shot at winning power ball's 420
6:52 am
million dollar jackpot now is the time, drawing is tomorrow night. first you need to spend gas money to get to a state th6#2s.u sells those tickets, california has mega millions but not a power ball state. the nearest states with power ball are oregon, utah and arizona. biggest lottery jackpot was the 656 million dollar prize in mar. -- in march. [ unintelligible ] ahead, five things to know before you go. including the standoff overnight that blocked traffic on t.i.. >> abc7 morn
6:53 am
good morning. 6:54. it is not fog, but this is going to turn into rain in the next couple of days, lisa
6:54 am
argen is monitoring this and will have more coming up. here are five things to know before you go: number one, traffic is being allowed in and out of treasure it started when officers tried to pull over a man in nob hill, chased him to treasure island where they say he shot himself and took his own life. >> number two, major intersection in milpitas shutdown west of i-880 suspect fired on a police officer who pulled him over near jacqueline and escuela parkway the suspect got away, the officer was not injured. >> number three, sea of blue is expected at a redwood city high school this morning following the death of a student. facebook movement is underway asking students to wear blue today to honor 14-year-old leyla beban. she was hit and killed while riding her bike to school.
6:55 am
fog may have played a factor. >> number four, assassination of san francisco mayor mosconey and supervisor harvey milk will be remembered at city hall 4:30 this afternoon. dan white shot and killed mosconey and milk, who was the city's first openly gay supervisor. white was upset at losing his seat. >> number five, if you are looking for work, many retailers are desperate to hire more help for the holidays. malls are posting hiring signs. analysts say more than a third of the nation's retailers plan to hire more than last year. let's get a final check on your forecast. 24 hours from now this will be very active, doppler right now showing mostly cloudy conditions, we we have areas of dense fog to the north bay in novato quarter mile visibility, two mile visibility in livermore, elsewhere good, although the clouds will stick around today, only spin being out from from
6:56 am
time to time, mostly to partly cloudy day, could see light sprinkles, 60 downtown, 63 san jose, 62 oakland, rain and wind come in overnight tonight. bay bridge metering lights on traffic backing towards the macarthur maze sluggish upper deck all ramps open to treasure island. delay on bart richmond line 10 minutes in the millbrae direction due to a medical problem. all other mass transit on time. drive times heading out now over the altamont sluggish towards dublin pleasanton out of antioch. there's your east shore freeway. the good news, bay bridge all clear. abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> we are always on at
6:57 am have a great day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. happening now, a snowy and slippery commute this morning across the northeast. from cincinnati to philadelphia and boston, as the bitter big chill slams the midwest. temps in

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